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Tailor Made Services By an Industry Professional

At MKG Interior Design my philosophy is client focused, presenting inspired concepts and ensuring a process that is collaborative. I take the time to understand the desires and needs of my clients combined with my expertise and creativity.


As a passionate and experienced building and interior designer, I enjoy the process of developing concepts and partnering with trusted resources and craftsmen to achieve beautiful interior design for each of my unique projects. My client’s needs and personality are at the forefront of my residential interior design planning processes. Creating timeless spaces that will remain stylish, beautiful and functional for many years requires attention to detail and a tailored approach to each client, whether I am running the project or I am the consulting interior designer on your project.

It is my goal as your interior designer, to create elegant, modern, and luxurious spaces through well-coordinated processes and partnerships with builders, sub-contractors, vendors and craftsman that allow my client to enjoy the conceptual and installation phases of the project while I ensure that the interior design project is successful and completed beautifully and on time.


MKG Interior Design processes are specifically formulated for residential building and interior design. The Schematic Design process includes an initial interior design consultation, an interior design proposal + retainer, site measurement and documentation, as-built drawing creation, project programming, preliminary interior design concepts, and material selections.


The interior design development process involves interior design conceptualization, architectural and space planning development, refining interior design concepts, selection of interior decorator finishes and materials, and final presentation and review with client.

MKG Interior Design is experienced in construction management, which is essential for all interior design projects, especially those that require residential interior design modifications to the architecture or interior architecture of the home. 


Through this, I manage and oversee the bid process with the builder on the project, ensuring that the most experienced and qualified company is hired for the project and that they are within the established budget we have set. MKG Interior Design prepare a furnishings budget prior to this which is reviewed and approved by the client. On every successful interior design project, there is daily communication and coordination between me (the interior designer or interior decorator) and the builder and subcontractors.


Each and every finish, fixture, accessory, and furnishing is either designed from an original concept, customized, or selected which requires coordination between myself and the suppliers regarding specification information, acknowledgments and other required documents prior to order and delivery to ensure that no detail is missed.  This process has been fine-tuned to ensure efficiently expediting the order, shipping, and delivery of all orders involved in each project.

Preparation and establishment of project timeline, target completion date, and vendor lead-times, is critical for the success of an interior design project.  All works are carefully scheduled for construction, flooring, wall finishes, cabinetry, hardwired lighting, and more with the delivery of all furniture and accessories to complete the design.


MKG Interior Design provides full-service interior design and is experienced in all complex phases of the interior design processes. 

Call me today and see what I can do for you!

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