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Bedroom Luxury On A Budget, Let Me Show You How...

Sometimes a small change can make a dramatic difference.

If you’re anything like me, you get bored with how a space looks over time. This Bedroom for example has been the same for a couple of years and the client wanted to refresh it a little without spending thousands of dollars on new furniture of painters.

This room has had an update with a maximum budget of 1k. I tweaked a few key pieces to create a more sophisticated vibe, but I did it on a small budget to demonstrate what is possible with a little bit of know how.



As we all spend a third of our life in bed, I always recommend that you get the best quality Sheets and Bedding that you can afford. I promise; you will thank me later. Always go for 100% cotton, this is the best way to stay cool in summer and warm in winter. Or if you are feeling particularly cashed up 100% linen sheets are amazing. 100% natural fiber sheets get softer over time and just get better as they get older.

My go to place for sheets and bedding is Sheridan Outlet, because their stock is usually end of line you can pick up some amazing quality linen and bedding for a fraction of the retail price. It’s worth keeping an eye out for their Sale notifications as these can save you even more on your purchase. I have to admit that they know me now at my local Sheridan Outlet Store as I pop in frequently to check out what new stock they have.

I also like to change the way the bed looks frequently, so I have a number of different bedding options that mix and match to create different looks depending on the mood or time of year. In summer I like white, crisp, fresh looking bedding and in winter I prefer more colour and pattern to give that cosy feeling.

The above room walls are painted Dulux Antique White USA Low-Sheen and the feature wall is painted Dulux Beige Royale Low-Sheen. Skirtings and architraves are painted Dulux Vivid White Gloss. By keeping the walls fairly neutral this allows a never ending combination of colour and texture in the sheets and bedding, depending on the mood or time of year.

The most important piece of this bedroom is the bedhead, it's one of the first things your eye is drawn to upon entering the room so I wanted to make if striking. The original bedhead was too close in colour to the wall and curtains and didn't make much of a statement. The new bedhead was a local second hand find, this black linen upholstered bedhead was in immaculate condition and I picked it up for 90% less than a new one would retail for, but let’s keep this our little secret.

Wall colour, bedside tables, lamps, art and curtains remain the same as they were all only a few years old, in really good condition and I could work them into the design.

I added a few decor pieces to complete this bedroom transformation.

All up I replaced:

Bedhead $135.00

Quilt Cover Set and Sheet Set $200

Flowers and Photo Frames $100

Overall the entire room makeover came in under $500 + Interior Design fees.

It took some time and luck to find the right bedhead, but the rest was easy. It took less then a day to put the room design together as this was a refresh and not a complete redesign.

Do you need help tweaking a design that is just not coming together for you? MKG Interior Design can help, have the necessary skills and know how to find pieces that can make all the difference. And the best part is, any trade discounts get passed on to you, so you can save up to 45% of full price items and over 70% on sale items. That’s a pretty good deal. We can shop with you or shop for you, whichever you prefer, and put the entire look together for you in an afternoon.

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