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Electricity in Hot Water!

Electric Storage Tank Hot Water System - should you replace it with a Gas Instant or On Demand tank-less hot water system? I know it's a dry subject, but well worth thinking about if you're looking to replace your existing electric system.

I was reading an article the other day about how to save on electricity over winter. And as much as I appreciate the sentiment I think we all have to be realistic about this inevitable increase in electricity use but it started me thinking.

I will use me and my husband as a perfect example of the average home owner, apologies to you renters but you have no say about the construction of the home you are living in or the heat sources you have at your disposal.

In 2009 my husband and I bought a house on the NSW Central Coast, it was a 4 Bed, 1 Bath (with a separate toilet, thank god) brick veneer house built in 1985. As this is our second marriage and in total we have 4 kids from our previous marriages we needed to accommodate at least 3 kids 50% of the time.

We move in in late October and always planned to renovate the house to reflect our needs and lifestyle, and we didn't waste time getting stuck in.

As this house can only be described as the smallest 4 bedroom house on the planet, we knew that layout and function needed to be at the very top of our wish list. We wanted an open plan living space to at least create an illusion of a bright and spacious home.

To achieve this we needed to take out the wall dividing the living and dining room, and take out the walls of the internal laundry room and incorporate that space into the very tiny, 1 person kitchen.

Issue 1 was trying to figure out what to do with the very old electric water tank that took up most of the space in the laundry room. Since we needed to move it somewhere else to fee up valuable space we had an opportunity to rethink our hot water needs and ways to meet them.